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Just a bunch of Twilight related stuff.

I am so pissed off. Remember when Ashley Greene did an interview and photoshoot for Nylon Mens magazine??? Well I had written it off as a "Barnes and Noble doesn't get it so I won't be able to collect it." Well I went to Barnes and Noble three days ago and saw the current issue of said magazine right up front!!! I missed the damn issue by a few days! I really wanted that magazine! I was so upset over it and I still am. I want to get the Saturday Night magazine as well but with my luck, THAT ONE will be the one that's unavailable in my area!

*temper tantrum*

I so need to find some people to trade magazines with. Say if a German magazine has Twilight and I'd like a copy of the magazine, I could ask someone in Germany, likewise, if they would like an American magazine (Texas specifically), I could get it for them. It would make my life so much easier.

Soooo... What'd you think of the new trailer? Better than the first one or not? I personally liked them both.

Who's getting the New Moon movie companion?? Besides me of course.

Feel free to invite friends to this discussion, it's a public entry :D
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