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What did you all think? Was it what you expected? Why or why not? Oh and how excited are you that Dev will be getting his own story?


I LOVED this book! For so long I was wondering what exactly Fang had gone through when he was in a coma. That was a shocker, I felt so bad for Fang and understood his bitterness toward Vane. I also wanted a closer look at his relationship with Vane and an inside look at life with Anya.

There was so much history and new information in this book, I could hardly keep it all straight! I would have liked a "flashback scene" of exaclty how Aimee's two older brothers died. I thought it was interesting that there are at least two known Were's who are infused with godlike powers. Makes me wonder what role they will play in future books.

What I really loved was that while Fang and Aimee waited so long to have their story told, it wasn't ALL about them, their love story sort of took a back seat to the bigger issue of Thorn, The Peltiers and the entrance of other demons.

I am in shock over Lo and Aubert's deaths! That was something I hadn't expected at all. I actually started crying over it. I knew Lo would come around to Aimee and Fang's being mates but I didn't expect it to be as she was dying. I blame Savitar and his quick temper.

Remember, if you're going to include spoilers in your comments, please put "SPOILERS AHEAD" in the subject line so others won't be spoiled (unless they want to).

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