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BOOK: Lady of Desire
AUTHOR: Gaelen Foley
RECOMMENDED BY: [livejournal.com profile] etarowyn (author recommendation)

COMMENTS: I liked this book as well, just not as much as I enjoyed the ones before. Though I love Billy, with his tough exterior and good heart, I just thought he kind of lacked that inner strength that would have made him a match for the Knight brothers. He seems the type that could possibly be overshadowed by Robert, Lucien and Damien. He just doesn't stand out as much as they do.

Jacinda at times struck me as a spoiled brat rather than a strong female. She tended to whine a little about her situation instead of doing something about it. In my opinion, she could have stood up to her brothers a lot better than she did. Though in their minds they were trying to protect her (from herself it seems) by marrying her to Ian, it was clear that they didn't even TRY to understand her point of view. Jacinda should have tried harder to make them see reason instead of essentially stomping off to her room to plot yet another plan that would prove her brothers right, that she DID need to be protected from herself.

What I am noticing about these books is the lack of a family bond. I know that Robert and Jacinda are the only legitimate children in the Hawkscliffe family but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be a bond. They're quite emotionally detatched aren't they? Even Damien and Lucien who are twins and should be closer than anyone, still lack that bond, even after they reconcilled in Lord of Fire.

I will give Lady's Desire a thumbs up for setting up Lizzie's story (Devil Takes a Bride, which I cannot find anywhere) quite nicely and making Alec an utter villan.

There are some very sweet moments in the book. I love how Billy is not only angling to be Jacinda's husband, but her friend as well. He's a good, solid friend to her and that's sweet. He's a caring man as is evident when he tries to comfort Lizzie after what Alec told her, and then going and chewing Alec out later.

Though Lady's Desire isn't as good as the books before it, it's still a pleasant read.

*scurries off to try and find Devil Takes a Bride*
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