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BOOK: Lord of Ice
AUTHOR: Gaelen Foley
RECOMMENDED BY: [livejournal.com profile] etarowyn (author recommendation)

COMMENTS: First of all thanks to [livejournal.com profile] larochka173 for making it possible to write this commentary!

I liked this story a lot, not as much as Lord of Fire but it was enjoyable in it's own right. What I really did like was that Damien wasn't the typical, angst/guilt ridden hero that are normally seen (Dare I say like Hawk and Lucien were), he was a strong, honorable man who had a serious condition that I'm sure back then was not well known, if at all. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to all he had seen during his military career. That's a really big problem for anyone during that time and I was very curious to see how Damien would overcome it (if at all) and what role Miranda would play in his recovery.

I sympathized with Damien. He was hailed as a war hero but no one who wasn't there knew the demons that he and his comrades were secretly fighting. He had a facade to maintain while being terrorized by the memories of war. It was something different to read about, the big, strong, handsome hero being laid low by memories he cannot control and are triggered by everyday occurances.

Miranda's cute, she's plucky, fiesty and brave. Perfect for Damien in every way.

I'm glad that the book included Damien being called back into action after it's learned that Napoleon escaped and was reaking havoc on Paris. It's a very real fact for military spouses, that their significant others could be called back into battle.

What I didn't like was that from that point on it was rushed. Yes I know it was towards the end of the book but still, I didn't even get a chance to absorb Miranda's reaction or feel her angst before Damien came rushing back home. After everything they had been through (Miranda's uncle trying to kill her and Damien's PTSD), I felt that this particularly important event was rushed simply to finish the story.

I do have a particular fondness for what Miranda tells Damien when she announces that she has decided to accompany him to Brussels:

He stared at her. “Where are you going, then?”

She set her hands on her waist and lifted her chin a notch. “To Brussels. With you,” she replied, her eyes ablaze, daring him to naysay her.

His jaw dropped. “With me?”

“Oh, yes, I am, sir, and if you have one word of protest, tell it to the wind."

All in all a good book though.
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